Modernization and disruptive innovations transform agencies rapidly. Primarily, IT organizations face challenges when it comes to modernizing applications that satisfy the customers’ growing requirements at a swift pace.

Business Architecture

Leverage Nüvitek’s shared services delivery model to consolidate business operations, eliminate redundancies, and lower costs. We are re on a mission to help transform your organization into a customer-centric, value-driven enterprise.

Nüvitek’s business architecture and process optimization services provide a means to assess the business value of the technologies and map technology capabilities to business needs that enable the delivery of a shared services model. Nüvitek leverages technology and custom-built frameworks to bridge the gap between business and IT. Focused on ensuring business value and customer needs, we understand the importance of developing platforms and services to enhance mission effectiveness and improve the overall customer experience.
Our systematic approach enables effective decision making by measurable and consistent methods to elicit stakeholder concerns through the creation of business and IT playbooks.

Portfolio Discovery

Shared Services Strategy

Business Process Discovery

Business Process Automation

Portfolio Optimization

IT Playbooks

Cloud Strategy & Migration

Your cloud, Your way. Cloud solutions offer many benefits to an organization, including reduced costs, faster delivery of systems and applications, and scalability to any changes in demand.

Let Nüvitek help you leverage cloud technologies to improve your workplace. Our cloud strategy will optimize the delivery of all IT services, reduce IT investment, accelerate innovation, and facilitate IT to move towards an “IT-as-a-Service” paradigm and provide excellent service delivery to customers.

Nüvitek’s Cloud Strategy is a Cloud Smart approach with the ability for applications to run anywhere, leveraging containers, and microservices. In addition to a cloud-first approach to new applications, the strategy is to plan the migration of existing services to cloud-based solutions actively. As new or replacements solutions are evaluated, the method is to use services that are as high up in the cloud stack as possible, selecting SaaS over PaaS and PaaS over IaaS.

Cloud Adoption Framework

Cloud Migration Plan

Micro Services Strategy

Multi Cloud Container Strategy

Cloud Optimization

Cloud Managed Services

Application Modernization

Your Mission, Designed Your Way: Nüvitek’s customized Digital Transformation Solution. Transformation and disruptive innovations change the environment of agencies rapidly. Agencies today are at some stage of their transformation journey, which requires application teams to navigate the challenges of application and infrastructure modernization.

Nüvitek will be along your side in your journey to application modernization and mitigate hurdles, especially when dealing with legacy processes and teams. Nüvitek’s processes and practices help enterprises successfully modernize their legacy applications with a focus on the 3 P’s (People, Process, and Platforms). Our application modernization approach will deliver pragmatic strategies that agencies can apply, enabling teams to operate collaboratively with highly automated processes. Our experts will work with you to develop and implement a modernization plan to improve your infrastructure, deploy and optimize new technologies, migrate existing systems, institute new systems, and retire legacy operations.

Platform Application Development

Digital Experience Platform

Robotic Process Automation

Business Process Automation

SAFe Product Delivery

CMMI - ISO Quality Standards